Meredith A. Holgerson

pictureI am an aquatic ecologist, and my research program focuses on how freshwater communities and ecosystems interact and respond to environmental change.  Most of my work focuses on small ponds, which are hot spots for biodiversity and biogeochemical cycling, yet remain understudied compared to larger lakes.  I enjoy studying multiple, interacting levels of freshwater systems: from species assemblages to community food webs to whole-ecosystem processes.  My research includes field surveys, field and lab experiments, and ecological modeling.

For my post-doctoral work, I am a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow.  I study how multiple stressors affect floodplain ponds and wetlands, with the goal of improving restoration efforts.  My mentors and collaborators include Angela Strecker at Portland State, Marc Hayes at WA Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Mike Adams at USGS.