Welcome to the Holgerson Lab website. We just moved to the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University. I am seeking post-docs, graduate students, and Cornell undergrads– email me if you’re interested!picture

Our lab focuses on understanding how freshwater communities and ecosystems operate, and how they respond to global environmental change. Our research is collaborative and interdisciplinary, drawing upon community and ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, and conservation science. Much of our work focuses on ponds, which are individually small, yet comprise over 95% of all lakes and ponds by number. Ponds are understudied compared to lakes, but they are hotspots for biodiversity and biogeochemical cycling, and are threatened by global environmental change (e.g., climate, land use). To study ponds and compare them to lakes, our team works across scales from local field surveys and experiments to global collaborations and syntheses.