Peer-Reviewed Publications                                             † Undergraduate co-author

  1. Homan, R.N., M.A. Holgerson, and L.M. Biga. In press. A long-term demographic study of a spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) population in central Ohio. HerpetologicaLink
  1. Holgerson, M.A., M.R. Lambert, L.K. Freidenburg, and D.K. Skelly. 2018. Suburbanization alters small pond ecosystems: Shifts in nitrogen and food web dynamics. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 75: 641-652. Link  Lay Summary
    Press: Inside ScienceQuartz, Connecticut Post, Yale University
  1. Holgerson, M.A., E. Farr, and P.A. Raymond. 2017. Gas transfer velocities in small forested ponds. Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences 122: 1011-1021. Link   Lay Summary
  1. Kelly, P.T., T. Bell, A.J. Reisinger, T.L. Spanbauer, L.E. Bortolotti, J.A. Brentrup, C. Briseño-Avena, X. Dong, A.M. Flnagan, E.M. Follett, J. Grosse, T. Guy-Haim, M.A. Holgerson, R.A. Hovel, J.Y. Luo, N.C. Millette, A. Mine, M.E. Muscarella, S.K. Oliver, and H.J. Smith. 2017. Ecological Dissertations in the Aquatic Sciences (Eco-DAS): An effective networking and professional development opportunity for early career aquatic scientists. Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin 26: 25-30. Link
  1. Holgerson, M.A., C.J. Zappa, and P.A. Raymond. 2016. Substantial overnight reaeration by convective cooling discovered in pond ecosystems. Geophysical Research Letters 43: 8044-8051. Link   Lay Summary
  1. Holgerson, M.A., D.M. Post, and D.K. Skelly. 2016. Reconciling the role of terrestrial leaves in pond food webs: A whole-ecosystem experiment. Ecology 97: 1771-1782. Link   Lay Summary
    *Recipient of the Thomas M. Frost Award for Excellence in Graduate Research for this paper (from ESA’s Aquatic Ecology Section)
  1. Kolozsvary, M.B.= and M.A. Holgerson=. 2016. Creating temporary pools as wetland mitigation: How well do they function? Wetlands 36: 335-345. Link  Lay Summary
    =Authors contributed equally
  1. Holgerson, M.A. and P.A. Raymond. 2016. Large contribution to inland water CO2 and CH4 emissions from very small ponds. Nature Geoscience 9: 222-226. Link  Lay Summary
    *Recipient of the Raymond L. Lindeman Award for an outstanding paper by a young aquatic scientist (from ASLO)
    Press: UPI, Yale University, AAAS, Yale Daily NewsSuddeutsche Zeitung
    Featured in Nature Geoscience’s focus collection on inland waters (Nov. 2017)
  1. Holgerson, M.A. 2015. Drivers of carbon dioxide and methane supersaturation in small, temporary ponds. Biogeochemistry 124 (1): 305-318.  Link  Lay Summary

(Published as M.A. Atwood before 2014)

  1. Atwood, M.A. 2013. Effects of euthanasia method on stable-carbon and stable-nitrogen isotope analysis for an ectothermic vertebrate. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 27: 909-913. Link
  1. Atwood, M.A., J.W. Mora, and A.W. Kaplan. 2010. Learning to lead: Evaluating leadership and organizational learning. Leadership and Organizational Development Journal 31 (7): 576-595.  Full text
  1. Homan, R.N., M.A. Atwood, A.J. Dunkle, and S.B. Karr. 2010. Movement orientation by adult and juvenile wood frogs (Rana sylvatica) and American toads (Bufo americanus) over multiple years. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 5 (1): 64-72. Full text